Pool Maintenance

Simple Steps to Sparkling, Clear Water
A pool is a thing of beauty and keeping it that way is simple. Following the professional advice in these pages will help you prevent problems before they start and solve problems as they occur. Choose a topic from the drop-down menu below and we’ll help you maintain your pool at its ideal condition.

Start Up / Pool Opening

NOTE: If the pool is new, always follow the manufacturer or builder's directions for start-up. Thereafter you can follow ours.

When it's time for you to open your pool, you have one goal in mind - getting the water "just right" so you and your family can enjoy the swimming season. You can contact your authorized poolife® Dealer for a professional pool opening service, however if you are a seasoned pool owner or a do-it-yourselfer, follow these simple steps:

Preparing the Equipment

  • Remove any water and debris that have accumulated on your pool cover during the winter.
  • Take off the pool cover. Before storing, clean the cover with a cover cleaner to prevent mildew and premature deterioration.
  • Hook up the pool pump and filter. Reconnect any hoses and electrical connections that may have detached. Be sure to follow the pool manufacturer's instructions.
  • Make sure your skimmer, filter, pumps, drains and other equipment are clean and free of winter debris.
  • Use a leaf skimmer to scoop up all surface and submerged debris.
  • Clean dirty pool walls immediately with a wall brush.
  • Bring the pool water up to the proper level (about halfway up the skimmer).
  • Make sure all your hoses and electrical hookups are in order.
  • Turn on your filter pump. (Chemically clean the filter if it was not chemically cleaned last fall.)
  • Check the skimmers, drains and filters to make sure they're functioning properly.
  • Vacuum any remaining debris.
  • If your filtration system operates off an automatic timer, set the timer to operate at least 8-10 hours during a 24-hour period during summer (12-hours is recommended).
  • Allow the water to circulate for at least 4-6 hours before preparing the pool water.

Preparing the Pool Water

  • Test & Adjust Pool Water Readings. After the pump/filter has run for 4-6 hours, take a pool water sample to your authorized poolife® Dealer for a full analysis. Balance the water per the dealer's recommendations. If metals are detected, add poolife® Intensive Stain Prevention® product per label directions. (Your dealer will test for and advise you how to adjust the following pool water readings: pH, Total Alkalinity, Chlorine, Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid - if you use Ultima® ENDURE® product they will also test the borate reading).
  • Shock Treat. Shock treat pool water with poolife® TurboShock® shock treatment or poolife® Rapid Shock® shock treatment.
  • Add Algaecide. Add an initial dose of your preferred poolife® Algaecide.
  • Stabilize. Add stabilizer if needed.
  • Add Sanitizer. Once the pool water is clean and clear and the water balance readings are within the recommended ranges, it is time to add your preferred poolife® Sanitizer (Always read the label directions for dosage instructions). For a simple and hassle free pool care routine, we recommend you choose one of our poolife® Pool Care System that suit your lifestyle and follow the poolife® 3 step Pool Care Program.