Pool Maintenance

Simple Steps to Sparkling, Clear Water
A pool is a thing of beauty. And keeping it that way is simple. Following the professional advice in these pages will help you prevent problems before they start and solve problems as they occur. Choose a topic from the pull-down menu below and we’ll help you maintain your pool at its ideal condition.

Algae Prevention

Nothing creates a better impression than having a pool with water that is crystal clear and with a sparkle on the surface. If algae get into the pool or if there are tiny suspended particles in the water, it can spoil the appearance and in extreme cases even stop you from using the pool. The best way to prevent this happening is to use one of the poolife® Pool Care Systems and follow the 3 step poolife® Program.

Q. What are algae?
A. Algae are microscopic-plants that grow in water. They are usually green, but you can find blue-green, black, yellow or mustard. They can grow on the pool surface or float in the water. Algae can turn pool water green, and if you are unlucky this can literally happen overnight.

Q. Won't chlorine kill algae?
A. Yes usually. But there are occasions when chlorine levels are allowed to drop too low or the chlorine is not acting effectively because the water is out of balance, or the pool water has very high levels of stabilizer (cyanuric acid).

Q. What can I do to prevent algae?
A. Always ensure there is adequate chlorine in the pool at all times. Follow the poolife® 3 step Pool Care Program and add a preventive dose of algaecide once a week.

Q. What can I do once the algae have taken hold?
If this happens, you should shock treat and then add a poolife® algaecide. To treat common algae like green and yellow, use poolife® AlgaeBomb® 30 or poolife® Super AlgaeBomb 60. poolife® Mustard Algae Treatment, when used in conjunction with a poolife® shock product, cleans up both green and yellow algae. Mustard and black algae are more difficult to remove, so we recommend using poolife® AlgaeBan II or poolife® AlgaeKill II. Always follow product label directions carefully.

If you have persistent algae problems, consult your poolife® Dealer for specialized advice.