Pool Maintenance

Keep your water crystal clear with the GLB® or HTH® EXTRA pool care systems.

Daily: Run your filtration system between 8 and 12 hours daily.

Weekly: Remove leaves and debris from pool. Brush pool floor and walls. Next, empty the pump and skimmer baskets. Use GLB® TLC® Surface Cleaner for heavy scum and oil build-up. Test and adjust your pH and TA levels with the GLB® or HTH® 4-Way Test Strips. Follow the 3-step program for your preferred GLB® or HTH® EXTRA pool care system.

Step 1: Chlorinate

To keep bacteria at bay 24 hours a day, check your chlorine levels and adjust to between 1-3 ppm. Use one of the following:

  • GLB® or HTH® EXTRA Multi-Purpose Chlorinating Pucks
  • GLB® or HTH® EXTRA Duration® Chlorinating Tablets
  • GLB® or HTH® EXTRA Stabilized Chlorinating Pucks
  • HTH® Granular Super 70

Step 2: Shock Treat

Shock treat to destroy organic contaminants that have accumulated in the water. Use:

  • GLB® Super Shock or HTH® EXTRA Super Shock for Swimming Pools

Step 3: Prevent Algae

Add a weekly preventative dose of your preferred algaecide:

  • GLB® Algimycin® 2000 or GLB® Algimycin® Poly 60
  • HTH® EXTRA 60% Algaecide or HTH® EXTRA Algimycin® Algaecide

Preventative Pool Care:

  • Add GLB® Sequa-Sol® Stain Control (30 ml/10,000L) to rid water of contaminants.
  • Add GLB® Natural Clear™ Clarifier (60 ml/10,000 L) to prevent an oily scum line.
  • Add GLB® Clear Blue® Clarifier (30 ml/20,000 L) to remove particles that dull the water.

Check the filter operation and refer to the filter manufacturer’s direction regarding when to backwash or clean the filter. Use GLB® Filter Cleanse to clean and unclog sand, cartridge and D.E. filters.