HTH® EXTRA Pool Care

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For more than 80 years, the HTH® brand has been on the cutting edge of product development for swimming pool water care and is the most trusted pool care brand in the marketplace. Now, we bring you the premium HTH® EXTRA brand which is dedicated to offering you a convenient "systems" approach to pool care. The simple 3-step systems are available exclusively at your professional HTH® EXTRA Dealer.

Step 1: Chlorinate

  • HTH® EXTRA Duration® Chlorinating Capsules
  • HTH® EXTRA Stabilized Chlorinating Pucks

Step 2: Shock Treat

  • HTH® EXTRA Super Shock for Swimming Pools

Step 3: Prevent Algae

  • HTH® EXTRA 60% Algaecide
  • HTH® EXTRA Algimycin® Algaecide